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Xtend Barre Arlington
2008 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201


Monday: 5:30 AM–8:30 PM
Tuesday: 5:30 AM–8:30 PM
Wednesday: 5:15 AM–8:30 PM
Thursday: 5:15 AM–8:30 PM
Friday: 5:15 AM–6 PM
Saturday: 7:15 AM–12 PM
Sunday: 8:15–11:30 AM, 4–6 PM

About the Studio

We are thrilled to be bringing Xtend Barre to Courthouse!!! Our team is committed to providing you with the best barre experience, a truly welcoming environment that encourages clients to achieve their goals, build confidence and have fun! Xtend Barre is not just a great work-out, its a community and we can't wait for you to be a part of it.

Xtend Barre Arlington is a 2,500-square foot facility featuring two state-of-the-art studio spaces. We offer a full range of programming with over 50 classes per week, including Xtend Suspend, Xtend Stick, Circuit 7, Yoga Flow, Fit Ball, Xtend Barre and Barrecamp.

We are located in the Courthouse area of Arlington off Wilson Boulevard, between N. Troy and N. Courthouse, and two blocks from the Courthouse Metro Station. There is ample street parking with additional parking in the 2001 Clarendon garage off N. Troy.

We invite you to tour our studio and all its amenities, take a class with one of our talented instructors, and join our Xtend Barre family.

Class Descriptions


Our signature Xtend Barre class incorporates elements of dance, ballet and Pilates to create an adrenaline-fueled workout that strengthens, lengthens and chisels the body. Each class features an elegant yet energetic combination of movements that enhance flexibility, improve balance, and challenge the core. No prior Pilates experience or dance training required. Just be ready to sweat!

Barre Camp

An extended length Xtend Barre class amped up with extra cardio bursts.  Take your Xtend workout to the next level.

Circuit 7

Boot camps made fun! This high energy class is made up of 7-minute drills, programmed to build strength, burn calories and test your limits!

Xtend Fitball

Find those deep stabilizing core muscles in this balance and stability class. Flow of movement, lengthening, and conditioning are also added for a fun twist to your training.

Xtend Stick

This class utilizes a Pilates stick with spring based resistance that is attached to the ballet barre. Like Xtend Barre, Stick has both an upper and lower body strength focus, plus cardio elements, but further challenges your core, balance and control due to the instability of the resistance.

Xtend Suspend

Xtend Suspend utilizes the TRX suspension straps and your body weight to give you one of the best total body workouts ever! Fully adaptable to your strength and fitness level, you'll work every muscle in your body (and probably find ones you didn't know you had!) to challenge your strength, conditioning and balance. Men and women will be rewarded with extreme results.

Xtend Yoga Flow

Traditional yoga is integrated with Xtend Barre creating an energy fueled class with just the right amount of strength and zen.

Xtend Cardio Dance

NO DANCE EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! Just be ready to move, sweat, and have fun! Dance like no one’s watching in this super fun, sweat inducing, calorie burning workout! Lift your heart rate and learn easy-to-follow dance routines in this 60 minute cardio class, that'll leave your whole body sculpted, sweaty and smiling! Open to all Xtenders and friends. Please wear running shoes.

XTEND Bounce

Elevate your workout with low-impact on your joints and instability benefits for your entire body using the mini trampoline. Bounce will give you the most cardio XBA has ever offered paired with muscle sculpting that is sure to make you burn, sweat, and have fun.

Xtend Sweat

A 25-minute express class designed to be our most intense class yet. The class utilizes a scientific formula that has been proven to burn a significant amount of calories in a short amount of time. Based on the principles of high intensity interval training, we'’ve created our own sequencing to take this class to the barre and beyond.

Xtend Xpress

Our signature class, amplified and intensified into 45 mins to get you shaking at the barre and back to work within an hour.

Xtend Pilates

An intense and invigorating floor conditioning class based on Pilates fundamentals with an Xtend Barre twist!

Studio Policies

Studio Policies

Our studio policies provide structure, clarity, and accountability within the studio environment. They reflect our values, culture and standards and ultimately contribute to the studio’s success and sustainability.

We’re confident you’ll be on board.

  • New clients must fill out a liability form before their first class.
  • Check class descriptions for footwear requirements – grip socks or sneakers.
  • Sneakers in class must be clean and free of dirt/debris. You will not be permitted to take class with dirty shoes, resulting in a late cancellation penalty.
  • Don’t be late for class. Entry after 5 minutes will not be permitted.
  • No cell phones are permitted inside the studio out of respect for your fellow classmates and instructor.
  • Please inform your instructor of any preexisting medical conditions, injuries or changes that would require form modifications, including pre/post natal.
  • The cancellation window is 4 hours. Be sure to reschedule or cancel class beyond 4 hours to avoid a $15 late cancel or no-show fee.
  • Manage your wait list reservations. If a spot becomes available, you will automatically be placed into the class.
  • Download the Xtend Barre app. It is the best way to manage your account and reservations.
  • Have fun, be kind and do your best. Support others and be proud of your accomplishments because you’re awesome.


In order to create a space that promotes an optimal experience for our clients, we have established the following policy regarding access to our facility:

  • Individuals who are not registered (non-clients) with Xtend Barre Arlington will not be permitted access beyond the designated reception area and front desk. This restriction helps us maintain an exclusive environment for our valued clients while safeguarding their privacy and comfort.
  • Restroom access is exclusively reserved for registered clients and authorized guests of Xtend Barre Arlington.
  • Studio tours for prospective clients can be scheduled with a Studio Coordinator, Studio Manager, or Owner when classes are not scheduled.


Kelly Wilkinson - Xtend Barre Arlington Instructor

Kelly Wilkinson

Dana Wilson - Xtend Barre Arlington Instructor

Dana Wilson

Abby Sevcik - Xtend Barre Arlington Instructor

Abby Sevcik

Alissa Clees - Xtend Barre Arlington Instructor

Alissa Clees

Elaine Broughan - Xtend Barre Arlington Instructor

Elaine Broughan

Emily Katz - Xtend Barre Arlington Instructor

Emily Katz

Jackie Chiao - Xtend Barre Arlington Instructor

Jackie Chiao

Kate Flaherty - Xtend Barre Arlington Instructor

Kate Flaherty

Katherine Lord - Xtend Barre Arlington Instructor

Katherine Lord

Lauryn Ricketts - Xtend Barre Arlington Instructor

Lauryn Ricketts

Marti Jo Jackson - Xtend Barre Arlington Instructor

Marti Jo Jackson

Michelle Muntifering - Xtend Barre Arlington Instructor

Michelle Muntifering

Michelle Teves - Xtend Barre Arlington Instructor

Michelle Teves

Renee Revetta Rouse - Xtend Barre Arlington Instructor

Renee Revetta Rouse

Shawna Hallinan - Xtend Barre Arlington Instructor

Shawna Hallinan

Stephanie Clearwater - Xtend Barre Arlington Instructor

Stephanie Clearwater

Tonya Smith - Xtend Barre Arlington Instructor

Tonya Smith



$229 per month
Our VIX (Very Important Xtender) Membership allows you to take as many classes as you’d like and comes with many amazing perks:

Unlimited classes
Valid for both in-studio and virtual classes
20% off retail purchases
Member Exclusive classes & events
VIX Community Card (discounts with our partners at local businesses)
2 guest passes per month (new clients)
Option to suspend membership
14-day notice required to cancel
One (1) waived Late Cancel penalty per month
$169 per month
Our Elite Membership allows you to take 8 classes per month and comes with some great perks, too:

8 classes per month
Valid for both in-studio and virtual classes
15% off retail purchases
Rollover 2 unused classes per month
Additional classes only $21
Option to suspend membership
14 day notice to cancel
$99 per month
Our Essential Membership allows you to take 4 classes per month.

4 classes per month
Valid for both in-studio and virtual classes
Additional classes only $21
14 day notice to cancel


Take an Xtend Barre class whenever your schedule allows.

20 Class Pack



10 Class Pack



Single Class