The Fold Over is Xtend Barre's Pro Tip for the Perfect Butt!

The fold over is a signature Xtend Barre exercise and a staple to every Xtend Barre instructors’ lesson plans. Barre class wouldn’t be complete without this booty burner. While we can promise you no two classes are ever the same, this is one exercise you’re sure to see in your next class. Here, we break down the barre-iers, so whether you’re new to Xtend Barre or a seasoned member, you’ll get the most burn for your buck.


You’ll need to stand near a flat, steady surface for support in lieu of a ballet barre if you’re practicing this at home. Face your surface with your legs and feet together in parallel. Fold your arms over like a genie, forearm over forearm, and forward fold at the waist, placing your forearms on your surface. Rest your forehead on your forearms with your eye gaze towards the floor. Before you begin the exercise, make sure your toes are underneath your navel and your heels underneath your hips. Take a soft bend in both knees, and keep your legs firmly pressed together. The advanced setup position is the similar, with the exception of your arms. Rather than folded arms, arms should be long, slightly wider than shoulders, with your hands holding onto the edge of your surface. Your head will rest between your arms, with your ears next to your elbows, keeping your neck in line with your spine. Take a soft bend in your knees before beginning the movement. In either position, your knees must be slightly bent before you begin moving.


  1. Step one leg back behind you reaching long so that your pointed toe is in line with your hip, and tuck your toe under so your pedicure is on the floor.
  2. Keep your supporting knee bent and supporting heel on the floor (lift heel to advance), and lift your back leg to your potential. Your potential is where you can lift your leg straight behind you and feel your glute engage, while maintaining a neutral spine. If you have to arch your back, you’re lifting your leg too high.
  3. Lift and lower your leg, tapping your toe to the floor each time to release your glute and lifting back up to your potential to squeeze and engage it. Repeat 8 – 16 times.
  4. Hold your leg lifted at potential and pulse up. Repeat 8 x 16 times.
  5. Keep your knee at potential, and bend your knee bringing your heel to your seat for hamstring curls. Repeat 8 x 16.
  6. Keep your knee bent with foot flexed towards the ceiling, and pulse your heel to the ceiling, squeezing your glute each time you pulse up. Repeat 8 x 16.
  7. Keep the shape of your leg and bring your top knee to your supporting knee and lift back to potential with heel to ceiling. You can also take this shape out to the side. You can alternate tapping your knee to knee and reaching to the ceiling and tapping your knee to knee and reaching out to the side.


In fold over, the variations are endless!

  • Circles
  • Down an inch, up an inch
  • Tempo changes: 3 counts to lift your leg, 1 count to lower
  • Inflated playground ball behind bent knee of the moving leg

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