Find the Best Barre Fitness Classes on the New Xtend Barre Website

Growth. It’s in our DNA.

We spent time reflecting on who we are at the core and the amazing women that we serve – and, equally importantly, the ones whom we don’t. Sometimes it can be jarring to shine the light inward, but it’s something that we should all take the time to do. We were comforted when our roots – movement, creativity, perseverance, community – shone brightly back. But, we weren’t blind to the other slivers reflected back – long, lean, model-like women. Images of perfection defined on someone else’s terms. Unattainable standards of beauty and fitness. We see these images everywhere – on Instagram, Facebook, magazines. We’ve become accustomed to using filters to make ourselves appear better – to smooth out the edges, to mask our tired eyes.

Those rough-hewn edges make us who we are. There is no such thing as a perfect day, a perfect life, a perfect person. But we’re made to believe that we have to be; or at least make others believe that we are.

Our brand has never been about an ideal. We have striven to serve women, all women – to provide them the space, the programs, the support, the community – to be their best selves, physically and mentally. Admittedly, we didn’t do such a great job communicating our authentic selves. What you’ll see now is a more accurate reflection of our brand and a more authentic portrayal of Xtend Barre’s place in the world.  The images that you see are real women, real clients, photographed in real classes. We work hard together; we sweat together; we laugh together.

We invite you – your friends, your sisters, your mothers – to join us. We hope that our re-brand and our new website make it even easier for your to step into your strength, your power, your confidence, your fit.

If you haven’t experienced Xtend Barre, your first class is on us

If you’re already a client, invite a friend. 

We’ll meet you at the barre.


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