Xtend Barre's Tiffany Conde Steps Into Her Confidence

Stronger today and healthy for tomorrow!

Listen up hot mamas! Just because you’re a mother does not mean life is over for you. What was your name before “mommy?” Today we tend to idolize our children and forget about ourselves! I was a daughter, teacher, wife and friend before I became a mother. Being a mother should be part of us but not define us. Of course my children come first (sorry hubby), but… I am a much better mommy when I give myself time to workout (hello endorphins and bye-bye medicines).

YOU deserve your time, your hour and your health. You were a vessel that grew a baby, nourished a baby and sacrificed your time, relationship, body and so much more. And if you’re like me, you have the stripes or shall I say stretch marks to prove it. But guess what! I still rock a bikini with my stripes and all. Oh… don’t forget about cellulite. Yea-it’s a perk of motherhood and if you didn’t get it or have never had it… lucky you. However, it reminds me that my genetics suck (thanks mom) and that I need to clean up my diet, workout and drink more water.

On the other hand, my stretch marks show that I’ve lived and that I have grown a human. Well, three actually (damn that sounds nuts, huh)! Xtend Barre has literally saved my life… and my kids. I say that because I would not have been a good mother or good wife without it. I had image issues, was once called “fat” by an ignorant naturally skinny idiot and compared myself to others. I found pleasure in eating terribly and never worked out. I found Xtend and then it did something amazing, XTENDED MY LIFE.

I will live a longer and healthier life for myself first and for my family. I became so addicted to Xtending that I became an instructor. When I teach I have an out-of-body experience. I’m a living testimony and proof that you can obtain health and a strong mentality and body after having children. I want to empower each of my clients to be the best version of themselves. When I work out, I work to be the best version of myself, not better than the person next to me (only the person staring back at me in the mirror). Better than myself yesterday, and stronger and healthier for tomorrow.

Seriously ladies! Life is hard. Life is busy.

It’s easy to say we do not have time.

Get your tush to a barre class at 5:30AM before the kids wake up, go at night after they are asleep or become an instructor to get a free membership if you can’t afford it. Make it work for you and for your future. It is easier to grab fast food. It’s not easy being a parent or the body issues that come after having children. Xtend saved me, let Xtend help you.

Here’s some food for thought: The things you say to yourself (such as I’m not good enough)… Would you want your child to say that to him or herself? We need to empower one another, lift one another up and remember that the girl on the front cover of that magazine your staring at directly next to the Nutella is Photoshopped. She has cellulite too! Work it mama!

Xtending love to you and remember that with each workout you will get stronger. Tell your husband and kids I said, “You’re welcome!”

Love and light,



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