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Xtend Barre opened in Huntsville, Alabama, this January 2017. Owner of XB Huntsville, Michelle Steed, is a Huntsville native, grew up a competitive gymnast and loved watching her daughters grow up dancing. She had always been a fitness fanatic and decided to take up running again in her adult life. After years of working out at a big box gym, running and other repetitive routines, she became bored with her workout regimen and wondered if there was something more than the gym and the typical barre routines she often found herself in.

Upon retirement from a twenty-five year teaching career, Michelle heard about Xtend Barre in Tennessee and she went to check it out. After her very first class, she was hooked. She started seeking a barre workout that offered a variety of programming and a safe low-impact cardio environment in her own town, but she couldn’t find anything like it. She knew right away that Huntsville needed the Xtend Barre experience. On the heels of retirement from teaching school, she just knew becoming an Xtend Barre owner and instructor was the perfect way to blend her love for fitness and teaching.

Man training at XTEND BARRE Huntsville AL Barre Fitness StudioSince opening her studio, Michelle meets a lot of new members and their first question is usually, “How is this barre workout different than the rest?”

Her response?

“A five-day training for instructors followed by teaching a full class to corporate standards transfers to a very attentive client-centered workout. Clients are challenged with cardio elements in each workout, and no two classes will be exactly alike.

Xtend Barre programming offers a variety of workouts like Suspend, Stick, Fitball, Pilates and Yoga Fusion, Circuit 7, so clients
can mix it up during the week. The franchise is always looking ahead to offer clients the most cutting-edge programs in the fitness industry. Xtend Barre is inventively leading the way in the barre boutique business.”

When it comes to results, Michelle has experienced the #xtendbarrebenefits first hand. “One of the biggest benefits from a well-structured workout is renewal of the mind, body, and spirit. My Xtend Barre experience has certainly transfigured all three for me,” Michelle says. Xtend Barre Huntsville strives to spark transformation in each and every client through its diverse programming and arduous movements.


The New XTEND BARRE Fitness Studio in Huntsville AL

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xtendbarrehuntsville/

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Website: www.xtendbarre.com/xtend-barre-huntsville/


XB Huntsville Address: 930 Bob Wallace Ave., The Shops at Merchants Walk, Huntsville, AL 35801

Phone Number: 256-715-0290

Business hours: Monday- Friday 6:00 am to 7:30 pm. Sat:  8:00 am-12:30 Sunday: 9:00-10:30am, 2:00-4:30pm


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