Xtend Barre Laine Levi Steps into Her Challenge Zone

I always say, “If I am going to show up to class, I am going to give it all I’ve got.”  Getting the most out of MY workout means digging deep and challenging myself…every. single. class.

You may wonder how to keep motivated when you take around 10 classes, on average, per week?  Well, I play little head games with myself, because the truth is, pretty much in all aspects of life, it’s MIND over MATTER; in this case, it’s MIND over BODY.

Singing makes me happy. I don’t claim to sing well, but singing along to our Xtend Barre fitness mixes makes the sweat, muscle fatigue, and overall exhaustion a lot more fun. Try it!

I trick my mind into believing that the instructor is TALKING DIRECTLY TO ME:  

“Square off your hips.”

“Plie’ lower.”

“Make your knee almost touch the ground when you lunge.”  

My head game is to believe I am the ONLY one in class, so obviously, they are talking to ME! Nothing makes me challenge myself to do better than to assume these “friendly reminders” are directed at ME!

There are modifications for every movement/exercise in an Xtend Barre class.  When the instructor offers these modifications, I trick myself into thinking there is NO option other than the most challenging/advanced one. If the only choice I give myself is to try the most advanced option, I have entered my “challenge zone”.  

I have been taking Xtend Barre classes for nearly five years, so my experience and ability allow me to truly “push the limits.” Each person has their own ability, as well as limits, so I am not advocating that everyone follow in my footsteps. Rather, I believe pushing myself to be the best I can be is a direct result of TRYING MY BEST, of approaching each class as though it were my first…..or my last…..and this has rewarded me both physically and emotionally.

See you at the Barre!


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