5 Things from The World's Best Barre Fitness Studios

It’s hard these days to not get caught up in the language of politics; or the notion that we must pick a side. No matter which side of the political fence you stand on, we, as women, share very fertile common ground. There is a power that exists within all of us that we oftentimes choose to mute. But, it’s always there, simmering beneath the surface.

Today, do five things to step into your power and own it.

  1.     Shut down any lingering self-doubt and make today a day of YES.
  2.     Laugh out loud for a good reason or no reason at all.
  3.     Take 10 minutes for yourself.
  4.     Call an old friend.
  5.     Do something that makes you sweat – go for a jog, a walk, an Xtend Barre class!

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