Stephanie Lipman Steps into her Power with Xtend Barre

I have battled weight my entire life. I have tried, and quit, every exercise program out there. And then I found Xtend Barre. I’m not going to lie, it was not a smooth start… for the first few weeks I cursed, rolled my eyes and swore I’d never come back. But I kept coming, kept reminding myself that I hated this the least out of all the things I’d tried.

And as the months went by I found that I could stay in chair position a little longer, I could hold my plank for a whole minute (major accomplishment) and I could do fold over on releve! And I felt good.

Really good.

And strong.

And confident.

It was no longer about weight loss, it was about being happy with me and what I could accomplish for myself. I’ve been Xtending for about a year now and although I still cannot complete a full class without stopping a few times, I feel fantastic… and that’s all that really matters!


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